iPad in Education Lesson Plans

25 Jul

Today I want you to explore the possibilities of technology and how teachers can incorporate it into their classroom.   Recently, I purchased the new iPad2 for
personal use.   While learning how to use the new device I discovered a galaxy of uses the iPad can provide for educational purposes.  Just like a regular computer, you can access amazing resources for your students; only the iPad is extremely easy, even for young students, to use and easy to carry with
you.  For better viewing while showing examples the iPad can easily be attached to a projector or TV for better viewing.  Some of the educational applications an iPad can be used for are: digital books, reference books and dictionaries, maps, Google earth, astrological pictures, photo editing, pictures on flikr galaxy, art examples and sketching, graphs, music, live and archived radio, science models and diagrams and the list goes on and on….  One of my favorite discoveries was a workshop conducted by the Institute for Science and Technology in Education using iPads for education (check out the site at http://sites.google.com/site/ipadined/events/2010-06-28/lesson).  While visiting the site you can view sample lesson plans that provide iPad lesson objectives, apps needed, and instructions for completing the lessons. Most of the apps used in the lessons can be download for free.   The iPad lessons available from ISTE are focused on history, literature, geometry and science.  Our third grade classes will be using iPod touches this coming school year.   Many of the apps for iPad can also be used on the iPod touch.  I can’t wait to incorporate my own music lessons using Garage Band for iPad!  If you are
interested in using new technology in your classroom consider purchasing an iPad.  The possibilities are endless…

Feel free to complete the following poll about technology in education. 


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