iPad Apps for Education

29 Jul

There is a continuously growing list of iPad apps for educational use.  Because there are so many to choose from, I will be testing out my favorites and posting them here for you to try.  Check back frequently for new additions.

DropBox – which is also available for PC

Evernote – creating notes that can be shared

Google – same awesome tool

Skype/AIM – same as other devices

World Book – encyclopedia at your fingertips

Dictionary – easy access

HistoryMaps – awesome

iBooks – LOVE IT!

Kindle – easily download books from Barnes and Noble

SonicPics – great photo tool

Postcard – create your own postcards

Dragon Diction – we all need a little help with this!

Virtuoso – portable piano

3D Brain – literally

Periodic Table – boy would this have helped me in Jr. High

Etextbooks – nice not to lug around tons of books

Constitution – nice

My Congress – who doesn’t need help with this?

Planets – fun

Draw – free drawing

DoodleBuddy – I love to doodle

APOD – new astronomy pics every day

GeoSky Watch – good for science study or lesson

3D Sun – nice model

Hopefully this will get you started.  Choose a few to explore and share apps that you think are educationally worthy of the list.  Most of all, let’s make learning fun.  Enjoy!


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