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Garage Band

8 Nov

Our third grade students have been using the “tried and true” Shurley Jingles for learning parts of a sentence.  To make it more relevant to the students today, and to incorporate technology into the mix, I have developed an activity that uses the Garage Band app on the iPad to “mix” a personalized version of the jingles for each class.  The options are endless for the number and difficulty of the instruments that are added, along with the students voices “rapping” the jingles.  Once the project is complete, the teachers have the ability to add the class jingles to the students iPod touches in the classroom for reinforcement and motivation in learning the parts of a sentence.  We have had a lot of fun and learned about music and language at the same time.  Feel free to adapt this project to your own needs.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless!


Classroom Rules and Procedures

23 Jul

All classroom rules and discipline procedures have been updated for the new school year.  They are available through the school handbook and should be read by each parent and explained to your child before school begins on August 15.  Please let your teacher or principal know if you have any questions about the new discipline procedures.