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Garage Band

8 Nov

Our third grade students have been using the “tried and true” Shurley Jingles for learning parts of a sentence.  To make it more relevant to the students today, and to incorporate technology into the mix, I have developed an activity that uses the Garage Band app on the iPad to “mix” a personalized version of the jingles for each class.  The options are endless for the number and difficulty of the instruments that are added, along with the students voices “rapping” the jingles.  Once the project is complete, the teachers have the ability to add the class jingles to the students iPod touches in the classroom for reinforcement and motivation in learning the parts of a sentence.  We have had a lot of fun and learned about music and language at the same time.  Feel free to adapt this project to your own needs.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless!


Internet Safety

26 Jul

We all know that there are fabulous things available on the internet for our education and entertainment.  But for all of the wonderful things out there we need to make sure our students are aware of the bad things, and teach them how to stay away from them.  There are many internet settings that can be applied to computers and many schools have sites blocked, but how do we protect our students when all else fails?  Together we will explore some alternatives to help insure the security of our children’s internet searches.  For more information on safely using internet in the classroom, do a little research.  I have provided below some sites for you to view and perhaps help you plan the use of technology more carefully for your students.





Just a quick bit about protecting ourselves, as educators, while using internet resources:  Someone will see what you post!  Watch the attached video regarding facebook, myspace, etc. and how it relates to teachers.  http://youtube/XQKBizT6goQ

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iPad in Education Lesson Plans

25 Jul

Today I want you to explore the possibilities of technology and how teachers can incorporate it into their classroom.   Recently, I purchased the new iPad2 for
personal use.   While learning how to use the new device I discovered a galaxy of uses the iPad can provide for educational purposes.  Just like a regular computer, you can access amazing resources for your students; only the iPad is extremely easy, even for young students, to use and easy to carry with
you.  For better viewing while showing examples the iPad can easily be attached to a projector or TV for better viewing.  Some of the educational applications an iPad can be used for are: digital books, reference books and dictionaries, maps, Google earth, astrological pictures, photo editing, pictures on flikr galaxy, art examples and sketching, graphs, music, live and archived radio, science models and diagrams and the list goes on and on….  One of my favorite discoveries was a workshop conducted by the Institute for Science and Technology in Education using iPads for education (check out the site at http://sites.google.com/site/ipadined/events/2010-06-28/lesson).  While visiting the site you can view sample lesson plans that provide iPad lesson objectives, apps needed, and instructions for completing the lessons. Most of the apps used in the lessons can be download for free.   The iPad lessons available from ISTE are focused on history, literature, geometry and science.  Our third grade classes will be using iPod touches this coming school year.   Many of the apps for iPad can also be used on the iPod touch.  I can’t wait to incorporate my own music lessons using Garage Band for iPad!  If you are
interested in using new technology in your classroom consider purchasing an iPad.  The possibilities are endless…

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Classroom Rules and Procedures

23 Jul

All classroom rules and discipline procedures have been updated for the new school year.  They are available through the school handbook and should be read by each parent and explained to your child before school begins on August 15.  Please let your teacher or principal know if you have any questions about the new discipline procedures.