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Garage Band

8 Nov

Our third grade students have been using the “tried and true” Shurley Jingles for learning parts of a sentence.  To make it more relevant to the students today, and to incorporate technology into the mix, I have developed an activity that uses the Garage Band app on the iPad to “mix” a personalized version of the jingles for each class.  The options are endless for the number and difficulty of the instruments that are added, along with the students voices “rapping” the jingles.  Once the project is complete, the teachers have the ability to add the class jingles to the students iPod touches in the classroom for reinforcement and motivation in learning the parts of a sentence.  We have had a lot of fun and learned about music and language at the same time.  Feel free to adapt this project to your own needs.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless!


Use What You Have

2 Aug

I am all about using the resources that are available to you. In my current situation, I’m not sure what will be ready to use when school begins because the school is being renovated. Therefore, I have to be ready for whatever presents itself (including limited technology available for a while). Students can be excited about the least bit of technology used in your teaching, whether it is a smartboard, an iPod Touch or an iPad, they will be engaged in the learning. Last year our school adopted a new set of textbooks for music education. The series came with electronic books and animated listening maps. Very simple technology, but fantastic impact. The students LOVED using them. This year I will be able to add these media sources to the smartboard and the students themselves can interact with the material. Make sure you are ready to “mix it up”. Use a variety of technology resources, but ALWAYS make sure you know how to run EVERYTHING before you present it to your class.

Another simple use of technology that will interest students is to present your summer vacation (whatever it was) using a presentation media such as PhotoStory or Powerpoint. I am using PhotoStory to present my summer vacation to my classes, since all 700 students will want to know what I did over summer break. Simple in design, my intention was to give students a challenge with reading, history and math at the same time they are entertained by my pictures.

COMING SOON… “My Summer Vacation”. Please leave any suggestions, comments or additional information that you would like to share.