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Internet Safety

26 Jul

We all know that there are fabulous things available on the internet for our education and entertainment.  But for all of the wonderful things out there we need to make sure our students are aware of the bad things, and teach them how to stay away from them.  There are many internet settings that can be applied to computers and many schools have sites blocked, but how do we protect our students when all else fails?  Together we will explore some alternatives to help insure the security of our children’s internet searches.  For more information on safely using internet in the classroom, do a little research.  I have provided below some sites for you to view and perhaps help you plan the use of technology more carefully for your students.





Just a quick bit about protecting ourselves, as educators, while using internet resources:  Someone will see what you post!  Watch the attached video regarding facebook, myspace, etc. and how it relates to teachers.  http://youtube/XQKBizT6goQ

Please leave your comments and thoughts about this post in the Comment section.  This is a subject WE ALL need to discuss further!